Maeyken van den IJssel 1958 - 2011    

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Curriculum vitae


1975  -  1980 Professional academy of plastic arts Rotterdam.
1984  -  1985 Free academy for deepening my knowledge of certain materials.

During my college years I have been to the US, where I made hand-made paper and monoprints in the US Academy of Arts.

Working member of

2008 -   Working as a member of the professional association
Haagse Kunstkring
2009 -   Working as a member of the art association ArtiBrak at Voorburg.
2010 -   member of BBK Amsterdam (national Professional Association of Visual Artists)
2010 -   professional artist participant at Kadmium arts centre in Delft

Lesson given to adults:

1981  -  1982 Drawing and painting
1982  -  1983 Painting lessons


2011 -   overview exhibition De Salon in Kadmium
2011 -   Aanwas 7 new members exhibition of the BBK in Amsterdam
2011 -   Overspel and Lentesalon, Delft Artists group- and thematic exhibition adultery in material, discipline in Kadmium
2010 -   participation to the 15th work shop route in Delft
2010 -   exhibition De Salon in Kadmium with topic “all sense central“
2010 -   topic exhibition “Eroticism” in ArtiBrak Voorburg
2010 -   members exhibition “Tableau 2010 ” in the Haagse Kunstkring
2010 -   exhibition in art gallery ArtiBrak with 2 other artists
2010 -   Webexhibition BBK march 2010
2010 -   members exhibition ArtiBrak at Voorburg
2009 -   Paintings in Stock in ArtiBrak Voorburg
2009 -   members exhibition “Tableau 2009” in the Haagse Kunstkring
2009 -   exhibition “Vers bloed 2009“ Haagse Kunstkring
2008  -    members exhibition “Tableau 2008 ” in the Haagse Kunstkring
1987  -    in gallery Nebti in The Hague
1983  -    in theater de Tobbe
1979  -    in museum Swaensteyn, now stadsmuseum Leidschendam-Voorburg

Work sold:

2011 -   exhibition in the Haagse Kunstkring
to private individuals
2010 -   exhibition in art gallery ArtiBrak Voorburg
  -   to private individuals
2009 -   exhibition in the Haagse Kunstkring
  -   to private individuals
2008 -   to private individuals
1987  -    in galerie Nebti in Den Haag
1983  -    in theater de Tobbe
1982  -    Kunstuitleen Voorburg
1979  -    in museum Swaensteyn, now stadsmuseum Leidschendam-Voorburg

During exhibitions and in order of institutions like the ABVAKABO FNV.
Free work and in order to private individuals.


2010 -   by invitation to place a link to my website.
2010 -  

invited for exhibition in ArtiBrak

2009  -    after a thorough selection on quality off the work, I have been invited to place my website on the website of Henk Mommaas.
On this website there is a worldwide campaign for linking to the most important culture websites; so there is a connecting link to the site of the NRC handelsblad (newspaper).

To get additional experience I have:

1985 -   worked for a period in the Leo Polakhuis in Amsterdam
1986  -  1987 For several months worked as volunteer in the The Hague animal shelter.

Worked as restoration technician, specialising in ivory, bone, horn, wood and paint of:

1989 - 1991 The Museon The Hague
1991 - 1993 The Prinsenhof / Nusantara in Delft
1994 - 2000 The archeological institution in Delft

In these years I have learned a lot about material sciences and got inspiration from.

1999 -   By invitation of Gijs Niemeijer she worked on a film for the exhibition in the 'Haagse Kunstkring' "the objects, topic for discussion" ("de dingen, voorwerp van gesprek"), within the series ’monographies’.
In this she shows a number of things involving magnets. Amongst them she let a dime and a quarter dances the tango. Fragment of this film
2000 -   Completely devoted to my painting. My biggest passion is to make art.

Photography and design: M. van den IJssel
Technic and realisation: Verrips Digitale Diensten